Sunday, February 20

What about that?

Hello all!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty heavy. As you’ve probably heard, I was very sick and found it a little difficult to carry on with my day-to-day events. Well On Saturday I finally got over that. Though, sadly, the lovely Tia-Louise has had a severe tooth ache and on the proceeding Friday, had said tooth removed. She’s now at home having chest pains, tooth ache (lack-of-tooth-ache) and ear pain. She’s had to take so many pain killers she’s become drained. I really am very worried about her and am wishing that she’d be better soon. You know what its like, don’t you? Someone you truly care about being in that much pain and you not being able to help? It’s maddening!

I’m sitting here, on the cold balcony of GraniteNet, waiting to go in and enjoy the spoils of modern society (heat, computer, coffee) and yet, there is nothing I can do, another predicament of which I didn’t foresee.

The last thing I wished to talk about was the next thing I plan to do in the gaming world. I have set my heart onto completing the Halo: REACH campaign on Legendary alone. This, if I can complete it, will earn me 175g which is a massive achievement. I’ll keep you all posted! 

Tuesday, February 15

Chest Pains and Exploding Cranes

Hello loyal readers (all -1 of you) yes I am indeed still alive, but only just.

Today I went to the hospital. A large woman yelled at me, ripped off my chest hair, cut my finger and stole my blood. In the end I found out that I was fine. Then later on I realised that I am not fine. Every second minute it feels like I have a small rodent working its way down my throat. I love the fact that no matter how much I work at it, it still feels like I've eaten so many potato chips that they're stuck in my throat.

Second, I think it's probably a good idea to tell of my gaming adventures of the past couple of days. Because of my horrible horrible sickness, I've been working on a little game called "Just Cause 2" or as I like to call "Mexican Spiderman 2: Not Enough Tacos!". The adventure continues as Scorpio (Mexican Spiderman) jumps out of a plain for some reason, and begins falling to the ground. With that the game picks up exponentially, not even 10 minutes before writing this I blew up about 3 crains with a chaingun mounted on a helicopter. Sheer. Fucking. Awesome.

So All you kiddies who are looking for the latest-and-greatest game to ask for your Birthdays and Such, Ask your mother for "Mexican Spiderman 2: Not Enough Tacos" abvailable at your nearest EB Games.

warning, eb games does not endorse the use of grapling hooks on bodies or excessive use of mexican profanity. tacos not included

Friday, February 11

Gamer Girl

My girl is what I like to call a Girl Gamer. I don't mean one of those girls that think if they push an xbox controller against their breasts they'll be called a gamer, I mean a girl, in this case an adorable one, who can actually hold her own against armies of Covenant, Geth and Hordes of Zombies alike. How many guys can say that their girlfriend can actually game s well as they can? 

Now, if youre an "Internet Junkie Girl" you're probably thinking "*troll voice* Girl Gamers Don't exist! They're just sluts who sleep with gamers" THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! She is kind, loving and completely badass with an assault rifle. 

Now, her blog, though not having anything to do with gaming, is linked in my blogroll if you ever want o read it. She is Tia-Louise. 

Now, if you've been reading my posts all along you'll probably have realized that I don't just stick to one topic per post, so for my second topic I think I'll talk about the death of rhythm games. Games like Guitar Hero and DJ Hero are, as of this week, gone forever. Activision, the publisher behind such games as Call of Duty: Black Ops, were the publishers of these series and have announced that they're losing much more money than they're gaining on the GH series (Probably because Guitar Hero 5 was utter shit and Warriors of rock made me want to hang a donkey and beat the CEO to death with it's corpse).

Finally, I have one question for all you readers. What's your zombie plan?

Tuesday, February 8

end... An odd story

Breathing slowly and deeply I gaze towards the horizon. The figures in the amber red dance in the distance, the figures distorted by the distance, I can’t tell if they’re human or not. Linen rippling over my body as I rise and trudge forward, my rest is over. I have to keep moving, the dessert isn’t the only danger to me right now. I know that what’s following me is relentless, merciless and, for lack of a better term, evil.
The rough scratching in the sand tells me that I took my resting for longer than I should’ve and the metallic click told me to get the fuck out of there. Head down I run like hell, around me the sand reaches for the sun, bullets burying themselves into the dunes, save my flesh.
Biting the back of my neck, four bullets graze me, blood stains the white linen on my back. My own blood. I can feel the warmth mix with the sand on my skin, the world blurs and spins as I fall. Pain explodes across my spine as my body slams into the rough dunes.
The sun is blocked by my pursuer, I can’t make out his face or what he’s wearing, all I can see is the dark silhouette and the shine of the barrel. The red flash, then the white and then darkness, irrevocable and unending…
Best not to ask where I get my inspiration, there really isn’t anywhere. that was meant to be simply a story about meditation which ended with his death, interesting but no real meaning. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like that and it definitely feels good. Stay tuned for more. Please criticise, then there’ll be better stories!

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The Subject of Stuff

YEAH! Try and figure that one out!

Anyway, yes, this is a post on the subject on what ever I wish. The first thing I would like to talk about is control.

Many of us rely on control to get through our day, but when we are "controlling" others, what often happens is we're never really thinking of ourselves in that position are we? for example, when a parent controls a child, often there is reason, but there sometimes is none. When there is no reason, how many parents can honestly say that they listen to their child? Just something to think about.

A reminiscent of the Bleach manga franchise lo...Image via WikipediaAnother thing I think is cool, I've recently come into posession of the first volume of the hit Anime series Bleach. Bleach is the story of Ichigo, a Soul Reaper (in training) and his descovery of this whole new world of adventure and awe. also, there is a LOT of killing in it, which, for a testosterone-fueled 17-year-old is really all that matters :P

These last few weeks at GraniteNet, I've been working quite a bit on various things and have come up with a thought. If Twitter, now having a huge input on the news industry and on television programs, why wouldn't having it open on radio work better? Twitter, instead or in addition to people texting and calling in? Since Granite Net will be hosting it's own website pretty soon and as a result, there should be a huge input from the community, a Tweetfeed wouldn't be that bad :D
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Halo Combat Evolved Remake?!

I have just learned, oddly from girlgamer, that on the 10th anniversary of the release of the first Halo game, there will be a re-release. I hope these guys know what they're doing, because making this available for a 1080p television could either make or break the classic FPS. I am looking forward to seeing.

Monday, February 7

Yo Ho Sebastian!

Good Morning All!

Now, I'm sure at this point my sexuality may be at risk but I assure you I like this song for it's sheer awesomeness, not the fact that it's called "Gay Pirates". Cosmo Jarvis, the artist behind this song is probably one of the few musicians who can make a tune like this work, and for that, I am ecxtatic and plan to buy his album of the same name, I think it's the same title.

There isn't much to say of my life, dancing with Tia-Louise was amazing at the Stanthorpe Flood charity dance. That night will live on in my memories forever...

I've had more fun than I ever thought possible over the past couple of months, ballroom dancing, getting to know new people and actually living without the internet (posting this on a blog probably makes it a little odd to say that, but all I do on the net is blog). I am getting so much done!

Working currently for GraniteNet is getting very fun. I'm teaching the team how to use Twitter for advertising and will probably be holding classes at the Internet Cafe over the next few weeks. If you're reading this and would like to learn how to use twitter, just message me and I'll share details!
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Monday, January 31

10.10 Is as good as it sounds! Part 2.

Now, if you've been paying attention to my recent posts you'll see that I'm a wee bit of a techie and am trying to review Maverick Meerkat. Well I've been using Ubuntu 10.10 for a little over 24 hours now and I must say, you can really see the speed difference! I am able to do practically everything I could in 10.04 but within half the time! The whole OS just seems smoother and well rounded. One of the big pluses for me in using 10.10, as a music lover, is the integration of Rythmbox into the audio button on the desktop! It's so wonderful to be able to just click and play your music with literally 2 mouse clicks! I recommend you all check that out.

Anyway, as I've just mainly been using my little Acer Aspire One for the past couple of months, I have been without a desktop computer. That is no longer the case! My younger brother (of whom will remain nameless until he starts his own blog) has given me his desktop. Some part of me thinks he doesn't quite realize that it contains over 2 TB of storage space, but I'm sure I'll be putting it to much greater use than he.

What else is new in life? Well, as my Dad has gone back to work for about 10 days, I have the house to myself. I know I know, not many 17-years-olds have the mentality to live alone, let alone in a 3 bed-roomed house, but I believe, well hope, that I'm coping just fine. That should lessen worries from my family.

Having left school I've noticed a dramatic change in my behaviour. Before, going outside to do things would've been a traumatic experience for the little geeky boy that I'm most commonly viewed as, but since leaving school I've been caring less about how I look to others and have been focusing on being me. I've started wearing Tai Fishermen's Trousers (which are amazingly comfortable fyi) and singlets. This has made me very VERY sunburnt but I'm definitely been getting much more tan, which is a plus I guess.

10,10? Is good as you think? Part 1.

So, as many of you are probably aware, I'm a little bit of a "Computer Geek", even "geek" in general seems to fit me. So, naturally, I wouldn't be using the super-expensive Apple operating systems, nor the impersonal, unjust Microsoft travesties, I use the creative and inexpensive Ubuntu Linux OS.

If you know anything about Ubuntu you'll know that It's recently upgraded from it's 10.04 LTS (Long Term Support) release to Ubuntu 10.10. As I speak (well, type) I am upgrading my Asus Aspire One netbook with Maverick Meerkat (codename for 10.10)

The update just finished so I'll be reviewing it the second I can.

Sunday, January 30

Social Networking... Teenage Girls Should be Banned

Okay, first, and don't get me wrong. By the title I mean that most teenage girls should be banned, not all. God forbid if there was no way to contact friends whom did not yet posses a telephone, but there are some who shouldn't be allowed the privilege. Last night proved one such example. You've all heard of those sites that let you caption photos at will, and often these sites require you either have permission or have taken from another source that had been duplicated and duplicated and duplicated ect. but when it comes down to it, personally, I really don't think facebook should have the means to save images from other profiles.

Anyway now to some more cheery news. I'm working on some things with a local website/company in Stanthorpe, currently trying to help them with a Twitter issue, having an automatic feed grab all the posts from their site and post links and titles on Twitter.

I'll be keeping a tight fit on my current situation, due to my unemployment I have very few funds and will likely be starting up *bleh* Loading Strategy once again.

Oh also, Tia-Louise got a "highly commended" at the Stanthorpe Show's Photography competition, and I am VERY proud of her :3

Thursday, January 27

Show's on the way

I'm currently in wait of the Stanthorpe Yearly show!! (sarcastic "yay's" and "woo's") and you know that that means don't you? NEEDLESSLY SPENDING MONEY aaannnddd OLD PEOPLE!

I know I know, sounds like a ball, but really this is the ONLY exciting thing to happen in this little town I'm shacking up in. There is one thing that I am looking forward to. The lovely Tia-Louise has entered several photos into the show's photo competition and is in the running to win the massive cash-prize of $10 AUD! I mean this in the way that her work is going to be muchly under-rated from that prise and it's appauling that a community can only raise $10 for the prize when she alone had to pay $4.50 wich just, in my mind, doesn't seem all that fair.

There'll be many a photo in coming days from the magnificent show but until then I leave you with only the image provided above!

What've I been up to? Well I've made a new friend, found a possible means of employment and found that I absolutely love LEGO Indiana Jones :3 and if you've ever played it, I am quitely confident that you're loving it too.

Monday, January 17

Just Settled In

I have just had some very interesting news. I am currently living with my father in a house barely a month old for us and he's already decided that we could be moving. I really don't like that he's decided upon this so readily and I have fallen in love with the place. He told me we would be staying there from six to twelve months and that single phone call probably ruined my day.

There is one option though, I could rent the house myself, though with that i would have to learn very VERY quickly how to budget. As I am currently unemployed there isn't much I have in the way of cash.

If anyone has any good books/websites which detail budgeting and how to do it well I would be very grateful.

Anyway, I have to talk to him about it later tonight, I'll keep you posted. Today, in of itself, was wonderful before then. I gave my lovely Tia-Louise a back massage using some sort of rose scented oil. She seemed to enjoy it. Then, with the lunch of pancakes, managed to have our moods ruined by that call.

As I am typing this Tia and her Mum are making her father's Birthday Dinner and Cake, a Happy Birthday to him (though I won't be here tonight to wish it in person).

Sunday, January 16

The Floods... amazing...

So, unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you would know that there have been major flooding in the Southern Queensland area. I, living in Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt, had my own experience. Now bare with me, these photos were taken mainly with my "bloggie" camera.

Day 1, the bridge crossing the river in Glen Aplin was over, this was taken at about 4pm
This'll make finding the school quite difficult
The ol' playground at the bicentennial park in Stanthorpe town, the creek normally resides about 6m lower
A close call for all involved, this is as high as the water got, thank god for this half-house's owner.
Day 2 at the Glen Aplin River and as you can see... about 30 times worse.

So yes, those are my pictures from the floods, and other from the fact that I was pretty much stuck in Glen Aplin for 3 days, I didn't really feel much. I was pretty much set though the constant rain was a little scary (as you can see from that last photo). This massive surge of water was one of the more frightening experiences of my life!

Staying at Tia-Louise's house for those days was quite nice, so even in the horror of the storm there is always a safe place...