Monday, January 17

Just Settled In

I have just had some very interesting news. I am currently living with my father in a house barely a month old for us and he's already decided that we could be moving. I really don't like that he's decided upon this so readily and I have fallen in love with the place. He told me we would be staying there from six to twelve months and that single phone call probably ruined my day.

There is one option though, I could rent the house myself, though with that i would have to learn very VERY quickly how to budget. As I am currently unemployed there isn't much I have in the way of cash.

If anyone has any good books/websites which detail budgeting and how to do it well I would be very grateful.

Anyway, I have to talk to him about it later tonight, I'll keep you posted. Today, in of itself, was wonderful before then. I gave my lovely Tia-Louise a back massage using some sort of rose scented oil. She seemed to enjoy it. Then, with the lunch of pancakes, managed to have our moods ruined by that call.

As I am typing this Tia and her Mum are making her father's Birthday Dinner and Cake, a Happy Birthday to him (though I won't be here tonight to wish it in person).

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