Tuesday, February 8

The Subject of Stuff

YEAH! Try and figure that one out!

Anyway, yes, this is a post on the subject on what ever I wish. The first thing I would like to talk about is control.

Many of us rely on control to get through our day, but when we are "controlling" others, what often happens is we're never really thinking of ourselves in that position are we? for example, when a parent controls a child, often there is reason, but there sometimes is none. When there is no reason, how many parents can honestly say that they listen to their child? Just something to think about.

A reminiscent of the Bleach manga franchise lo...Image via WikipediaAnother thing I think is cool, I've recently come into posession of the first volume of the hit Anime series Bleach. Bleach is the story of Ichigo, a Soul Reaper (in training) and his descovery of this whole new world of adventure and awe. also, there is a LOT of killing in it, which, for a testosterone-fueled 17-year-old is really all that matters :P

These last few weeks at GraniteNet, I've been working quite a bit on various things and have come up with a thought. If Twitter, now having a huge input on the news industry and on television programs, why wouldn't having it open on radio work better? Twitter, instead or in addition to people texting and calling in? Since Granite Net will be hosting it's own website pretty soon and as a result, there should be a huge input from the community, a Tweetfeed wouldn't be that bad :D
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