Friday, February 11

Gamer Girl

My girl is what I like to call a Girl Gamer. I don't mean one of those girls that think if they push an xbox controller against their breasts they'll be called a gamer, I mean a girl, in this case an adorable one, who can actually hold her own against armies of Covenant, Geth and Hordes of Zombies alike. How many guys can say that their girlfriend can actually game s well as they can? 

Now, if youre an "Internet Junkie Girl" you're probably thinking "*troll voice* Girl Gamers Don't exist! They're just sluts who sleep with gamers" THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! She is kind, loving and completely badass with an assault rifle. 

Now, her blog, though not having anything to do with gaming, is linked in my blogroll if you ever want o read it. She is Tia-Louise. 

Now, if you've been reading my posts all along you'll probably have realized that I don't just stick to one topic per post, so for my second topic I think I'll talk about the death of rhythm games. Games like Guitar Hero and DJ Hero are, as of this week, gone forever. Activision, the publisher behind such games as Call of Duty: Black Ops, were the publishers of these series and have announced that they're losing much more money than they're gaining on the GH series (Probably because Guitar Hero 5 was utter shit and Warriors of rock made me want to hang a donkey and beat the CEO to death with it's corpse).

Finally, I have one question for all you readers. What's your zombie plan?

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