Thursday, January 27

Show's on the way

I'm currently in wait of the Stanthorpe Yearly show!! (sarcastic "yay's" and "woo's") and you know that that means don't you? NEEDLESSLY SPENDING MONEY aaannnddd OLD PEOPLE!

I know I know, sounds like a ball, but really this is the ONLY exciting thing to happen in this little town I'm shacking up in. There is one thing that I am looking forward to. The lovely Tia-Louise has entered several photos into the show's photo competition and is in the running to win the massive cash-prize of $10 AUD! I mean this in the way that her work is going to be muchly under-rated from that prise and it's appauling that a community can only raise $10 for the prize when she alone had to pay $4.50 wich just, in my mind, doesn't seem all that fair.

There'll be many a photo in coming days from the magnificent show but until then I leave you with only the image provided above!

What've I been up to? Well I've made a new friend, found a possible means of employment and found that I absolutely love LEGO Indiana Jones :3 and if you've ever played it, I am quitely confident that you're loving it too.

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