Sunday, January 30

Social Networking... Teenage Girls Should be Banned

Okay, first, and don't get me wrong. By the title I mean that most teenage girls should be banned, not all. God forbid if there was no way to contact friends whom did not yet posses a telephone, but there are some who shouldn't be allowed the privilege. Last night proved one such example. You've all heard of those sites that let you caption photos at will, and often these sites require you either have permission or have taken from another source that had been duplicated and duplicated and duplicated ect. but when it comes down to it, personally, I really don't think facebook should have the means to save images from other profiles.

Anyway now to some more cheery news. I'm working on some things with a local website/company in Stanthorpe, currently trying to help them with a Twitter issue, having an automatic feed grab all the posts from their site and post links and titles on Twitter.

I'll be keeping a tight fit on my current situation, due to my unemployment I have very few funds and will likely be starting up *bleh* Loading Strategy once again.

Oh also, Tia-Louise got a "highly commended" at the Stanthorpe Show's Photography competition, and I am VERY proud of her :3

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