Monday, February 7

Yo Ho Sebastian!

Good Morning All!

Now, I'm sure at this point my sexuality may be at risk but I assure you I like this song for it's sheer awesomeness, not the fact that it's called "Gay Pirates". Cosmo Jarvis, the artist behind this song is probably one of the few musicians who can make a tune like this work, and for that, I am ecxtatic and plan to buy his album of the same name, I think it's the same title.

There isn't much to say of my life, dancing with Tia-Louise was amazing at the Stanthorpe Flood charity dance. That night will live on in my memories forever...

I've had more fun than I ever thought possible over the past couple of months, ballroom dancing, getting to know new people and actually living without the internet (posting this on a blog probably makes it a little odd to say that, but all I do on the net is blog). I am getting so much done!

Working currently for GraniteNet is getting very fun. I'm teaching the team how to use Twitter for advertising and will probably be holding classes at the Internet Cafe over the next few weeks. If you're reading this and would like to learn how to use twitter, just message me and I'll share details!
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