Tuesday, February 15

Chest Pains and Exploding Cranes

Hello loyal readers (all -1 of you) yes I am indeed still alive, but only just.

Today I went to the hospital. A large woman yelled at me, ripped off my chest hair, cut my finger and stole my blood. In the end I found out that I was fine. Then later on I realised that I am not fine. Every second minute it feels like I have a small rodent working its way down my throat. I love the fact that no matter how much I work at it, it still feels like I've eaten so many potato chips that they're stuck in my throat.

Second, I think it's probably a good idea to tell of my gaming adventures of the past couple of days. Because of my horrible horrible sickness, I've been working on a little game called "Just Cause 2" or as I like to call "Mexican Spiderman 2: Not Enough Tacos!". The adventure continues as Scorpio (Mexican Spiderman) jumps out of a plain for some reason, and begins falling to the ground. With that the game picks up exponentially, not even 10 minutes before writing this I blew up about 3 crains with a chaingun mounted on a helicopter. Sheer. Fucking. Awesome.

So All you kiddies who are looking for the latest-and-greatest game to ask for your Birthdays and Such, Ask your mother for "Mexican Spiderman 2: Not Enough Tacos" abvailable at your nearest EB Games.

warning, eb games does not endorse the use of grapling hooks on bodies or excessive use of mexican profanity. tacos not included

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