Sunday, February 20

What about that?

Hello all!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty heavy. As you’ve probably heard, I was very sick and found it a little difficult to carry on with my day-to-day events. Well On Saturday I finally got over that. Though, sadly, the lovely Tia-Louise has had a severe tooth ache and on the proceeding Friday, had said tooth removed. She’s now at home having chest pains, tooth ache (lack-of-tooth-ache) and ear pain. She’s had to take so many pain killers she’s become drained. I really am very worried about her and am wishing that she’d be better soon. You know what its like, don’t you? Someone you truly care about being in that much pain and you not being able to help? It’s maddening!

I’m sitting here, on the cold balcony of GraniteNet, waiting to go in and enjoy the spoils of modern society (heat, computer, coffee) and yet, there is nothing I can do, another predicament of which I didn’t foresee.

The last thing I wished to talk about was the next thing I plan to do in the gaming world. I have set my heart onto completing the Halo: REACH campaign on Legendary alone. This, if I can complete it, will earn me 175g which is a massive achievement. I’ll keep you all posted! 

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