Sunday, January 16

The Floods... amazing...

So, unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you would know that there have been major flooding in the Southern Queensland area. I, living in Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt, had my own experience. Now bare with me, these photos were taken mainly with my "bloggie" camera.

Day 1, the bridge crossing the river in Glen Aplin was over, this was taken at about 4pm
This'll make finding the school quite difficult
The ol' playground at the bicentennial park in Stanthorpe town, the creek normally resides about 6m lower
A close call for all involved, this is as high as the water got, thank god for this half-house's owner.
Day 2 at the Glen Aplin River and as you can see... about 30 times worse.

So yes, those are my pictures from the floods, and other from the fact that I was pretty much stuck in Glen Aplin for 3 days, I didn't really feel much. I was pretty much set though the constant rain was a little scary (as you can see from that last photo). This massive surge of water was one of the more frightening experiences of my life!

Staying at Tia-Louise's house for those days was quite nice, so even in the horror of the storm there is always a safe place...

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  1. Boah!! That`s funny at all!
    Here in Austria - all is well - I´m glad.
    Best wishes - Mary